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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Almost Ready for Summer! (It's July...)

So! I am almost ready for summer! The inside stuff is closer to done (craft area set up, bookcases assembled, located all the parts for the bathroom sink) and I have hung out two bird feeders- having gotten rid of the 3 bird eating fluffballs. I've even weeded the front yard and started moving rocks to re arrange the flower areas. Soon I'll be able to clean out the motor home and go camping- assuming we get the brakes fixed and figure someplace to put Glenn's stuff. I'm even thinking about planting a vegetable garden.
Too bad it's the middle of July, I could start some seeds... Hmmm.... I'm only a month and a half behind. If I stay on this schedule, Christmas will be in February, Spring will start in May - hey, isn't that what happened this year? and next year's summer will start in August.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Growing up or growing old?

Today I'm wondering if I will ever grow up or if as the years continue to speed up, if I am destined merely to grow old. At this point in time, I would gladly trade growing old for the prospect of growing up. Don't grown ups have life figured out?
They are wise and compassionate, disciplined and goal oriented. They have made the world a more positive place and have overcome their youthful foolishness. As mothers, they rise with the sun and prepare wonderful meals for their families, their homes are neat and tidy, their laundry scheduled , spot free and appropriately placed. An adult carefully weighs their choices of spending, buying nothing on frivalous impulse or exceeding one's bank account. Their children are well dressed and mannered, happy and creative. One day they will rise up and call their mother blessed.
An adult makes choices based on outcomes, not what feels good at the moment. Whether they are playing, working, reading or praying, they have chosen their activity, not merely slithered into it by default.
Adults have goals and work to achieve them- perhaps they will be an author in which case they discipline themselves to write. Perhaps a teacher, thus taking classes to learn about education. Maybe the goal is to see to it that their children learn music, play sports, take dance lessons, excel in school. Never are they too tired or grumpy to take their children to their lessons- or choose to not sign them up because it's too much effort.
Adults have an organized life. They pay their bills, do their housework, repair their autos on time. They live out their passions and convictions- recycling, energy conservation, organic foods, exercise, family fun, community service, bowling leagues.
What does it say about a person whose primary motivation is fun and convenience? Who neglects duty and shuns personal responsibility? Whose character failings continue from year to year, whose entangling sins remain, whose lack of discipline looms like a familiar specter from year to year?
Ephesians 4:14,15 "that we henceforth be no more children.... but speaking the truth in love may grow up into him which is the head of all things, even Christ."
There's hope yet. I may grow up even as I grow old.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Summer's Coming

It's just about here- the warm, endless days of summer are almost upon us. Already crickets chirp in the evening and the robins are almost done raising their young. The spring bulbs have lost all their foliage and the daisies are beginning to open their happy faces to the sky.  And, the incessant, off tuned jingles of the ice cream truck are almost a welcome sound as they promise long summer days and pleasant nights. 
The girls are spending every free moment in the pool, splashing like colorful fish, laughing and squealing with delight in their exercise. I, on the other hand, am trying to get my house organized for the summer- and finding motivation difficult. There are so many other things to get distracted with- cool wild thunderstorms that leave the air sweet and fresh, the errant grass in the flower beds which are just asking to be pulled (after all, they're outside, not inside) a good book waiting for me to dive in. It must be summer already!

Monday, May 18, 2009

The Sweet Smell of a Spring Night

It's a little bit of heaven: a deep night sky twinkling with small lights, the cheerful flames of a campfire. Laughter, good food, quiet conversation, the smell of damp grass, fragrent wood smoke, a cool breeze.  Unfortunately, it's my neighbors enjoying this. I alas, get the benefit of the scents blowing through my windows, but, it's bath time for the kids, brushing teeth, making lunches, tucking into bed. I will have to wait until another evening to personally dive into the the sweetness of a spring night.
But. The clean scent of freshly scrubbed girl, the warm pressure of a good night hug, the sparkle of love in sky blue eyes more than makes up for being inside on this perfectly wonderful evening. God gives such wonderful gifts, the capacity to see and enjoy beauty, touch one another, hear the music of a child's laughter, the worried chirps of papa robin as he feeds his nestlings, the sound of neighbors enjoying the simple pleasures of life with their family, including their handicapped son, having a great time outside.
Sometimes, I wonder why and how people have managed to make life so complicated. Love one another deeply, share the blessings we are given, enjoy the wife/husband of your youth and remember your Creator who is the giver of all good things. Enjoy this beautiful evening and all the others which come your way.